The Most Common A/C Repairs And How To Prevent Them

An A/C unit is an investment. Not only will it make your living or work environment more comfortable, but it will also increase the value of your commercial or residential property. Like with any investment, an air conditioning unit requires attention from its owner to make sure it works as efficiently as possible. Over the duration of an A/C’s lifespan, there may be repairs that emerge. With proper care and attention to detail, repairs and costs will be minimal; your A/C unit will last longer, too.

1. Thermostats

Your a/c unit creates an oasis, but somehow today it feels more like Antarctica than 72 degrees in Palm Springs. Somehow, your thermostat stopped working, and your unit will not stop running. Keeping a separate temperature gauge in your home or office allows you the ability to double check temperatures. Fix the issue right away. Avoid taking on additional troubles later. Failure to remedy the situation can cause other components to stop working, because they have been working in overdrive.

2. Filters

So many A/C owners forget one of the easiest maintenance needs of an A/C unit. Filters can become dirty or clogged if not routinely checked and changed. Every 90 days, you should check to see if your filter needs to be changed. If you allow dust to gather, fan motors and valves can stop working and your A/C repair costs become much more expensive. You could also end up killing the unit altogether. Set up a calendar reminder to check your filter, and set aside the five to 100 dollars it costs to change one out yourself.

3. Drain Pans and Drain Lines

Drain pans and drain lines can easily get backed up. Take your flashlight and make sure the pan does not need to be emptied. By taking a thin brush and inserting it into the line, you can easily remove buildup on your own. Most lines are on the rear of a unit. Check your owner’s manual or look online. Save time, and save money. Maintenance mitigates repairs.

4. Condenser Coil

When you run your A/C unit in hopes of cooling a space, the hot air once inside must go somewhere. Your condenser coil ensures that air is removed from the space and put back outside. Remove any debris from the condenser area by hand and then by spraying water from a hose onto the area.

5. Breakers and Circuits

Repairing breakers and circuits can be very costly. Did you know that failure to maintain your A/C unit can cause breaker and circuit issues? By regularly changing the filters, ridding your condenser coil of any debris, maintaining refrigerant levels and making sure the thermostat works, breakers and circuits last longer. Regularly inspect and maintain your unit and these issues might not ever arise.

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