Does My Thermostat Need To Be Replaced Or Repaired?

Most people do not realize the importance of a control panel. Many think that it is separate from the HVAC system. Not only is it not separate, but it regulates the heating and cooling in the home.

In too many cases a homeowner may suspect that the heater is malfunctioning, when it’s actually the thermostat that is causing the problem. When a thermostat is not working properly, the home may feel cold in certain areas, because the heater was shutting off too early to heat the entire home. Some issues that may arise when using thermostats are: wiring, bad location, cracks and mis-calibrated thermostat.


Most thermostats have 4 wires on the inside of them. Two of the wires are used to turn the heat off and the other 2 are used to turn the heat back on. It is actually the blower that is being turned on and off. Sometimes the wiring can come loose. When it comes loose, it could cause the heat to stay on. Obviously, because the wire is no longer connected, it can’t send the message for the heating to click off. And then the same for the reverse. This can be pretty annoying for a homeowner.

Bad Location

Another concern that could come about is a thermostat being installed in a poor location. Professionals understand that thermostats must be installed in the proper areas. The center of the home is preferable. If placed in the center of the home, the temperature detected should be balanced. If placed in the back of the home, the thermostat may not be able to detect the correct temperature throughout the home. If it is placed in direct sunlight, it may never send out the message for the heater to click on, thinking that the home is warm.


A cracked thermostat will need to be replaced in most cases. Once the device has been cracked and exposed, it simply will not be able to operate.


When a thermostat needs calibrating, it could cause the heat to turn off before it’s supposed to or it could cause the heat to click off too late, which causes the home to get too hot. Some may think that if a thermostat is a few degrees off, that it is ok. However, that is not the case. A mis-calibrated thermostat can make a huge difference. A technician can easily check to see if the thermostat in a home needs fixing. It only takes a few minutes to get the thermostat calibrated. In many cases, the thermostat only needs recalibration, there’s no need to replace it.

Smart Thermostats and Rebooting

These days, many homes now have what are called smart thermostats. These types of thermostats, similar to computers, operate via software. Though these thermostats are more modern, they can still malfunction. If a malfunction occurs, reboot the computer. Rebooting, will erase everything and allow the computer to reset. Of course, if this does not work, call a technician. Technicians are trained when it comes to various types of thermostats. They will be able to examine the computer and determine why if even after rebooting, it’s not working properly. If the thermostat can not be reset, it may simply have to be replaced.

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