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Nothing can be more frustrating than a broken air conditioning unit. As a result, a HVAC system in your home or business should be in its optimal condition. For any HVAC repairs, installation or maintenance, hiring a professional service provider is the best solution to restore indoor comfort quickly and effectively.

Cool Bear Services is a professional provider of HVAC services serving South Florida. We provide air conditioning and heating services to ensure

perfect indoor air quality. We have years of experience in the industry keeping our customers cool in the hot Florida heat.

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Air Conditioning Repair

One of the main reasons our customers choose us is because modern air conditioners are quite sophisticated with intricate electronic systems and many other extensive components. This obviously makes air conditioning repair a job for experts as opposed to a do-it-yourself job. A non-experienced HVAC person will take a lot of time and resources trying to figure out the cause of air conditioning malfunction and might not even fix it. With our extensive experience and expertise we will quickly establish the source of the issue and fix it properly and as quickly as possible.

Cool Bear Services guarantees quality repairs to any air conditioning problem. With our services, Florida homeowners are guaranteed increased air conditioner efficiency and longevity.

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Air Conditioning Installation

We provide a wide range of air conditioning services, whether its installation of a new HVAC system in your home or business, repair of an existing

one or regular maintenance service, Cool Bear Services can deliver all of your air conditioning needs.

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Air Conditioning Replacement

We have qualified professionals who have vast experience to evaluate, check, clean, troubleshoot and even perform replacement services. A homeowner won't need to hire another service provider once Cool Bear Services have performed any service in their home or business.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

One of the major causes of air conditioning malfunction is poor maintenance. Working with a reputable air conditioning service ensures homeowners' systems are well maintained at all times so that you don’t end up paying more down the road from not maintaining your air conditioning unit on a regular basis. We will discuss and set up a regular and ongoing air conditioning maintenance plan. This helps homeowners to save money on their HVAC maintenance.

Another key to our services is that our technicians first diagnose the issue, conduct inspection and measure all the requirements before providing a quote. Once we identify the problem we will then determine all the requirements and explain the available options to the customer. From there we will lay out a plan that is the most cost effective solution that meets all the requirements.
Cool Bear Services HVAC technicians are certified and are well trained. We know what to do and how it will be done safely unlike an amateur who will more than likely make costly mistakes and injure themselves in the course of the job.

Homeowners should never try the do-it-yourself approach whenever they experience problems with their air conditioning system. It's advisable to hire a professional air conditioning service provider for the best results. Clients will also save money since most of the repairs will come with a warranty
For the best air conditioning repairs, maintenance, or replacement, working with Cool Bear Services will ensure clients get top-quality results at a great price.

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