Advantages & Disadvantages Of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Though debated in the industry as to whether or not air ducts should be actually cleaned, there are things that can be considered to help aid you in making the decision to do so or not.

Advantages: Efficiency

The first advantage is that it can help to improve the efficiency of the system. This is because when the ducts become clogged with debris and dust, the furnace is going to need to work harder to make sure that the temperature is manageable. This is going to be a lot of wear and tear on your HVAC system, which is something that can be costly in the long run when it comes to the maintenance costs.

Advantages: Transmission

The second advantage is that it can reduce the risk of transmitting diseases. If rodents have infiltrated into the air ducts, it can put you at risk for getting a lot of serious diseases. This is because you are going to be breathing in the dust that has the droppings or urine of the rodent. A professional is going to be able to help you to find anything that might be going on with your HVAC system.

Advantages: Health

The third advantage is that it can help to make sure that you are going to be in better health. This is going to be especially true if you are a person who suffers from allergies or asthma. But if you are able to maintain your ductwork on a regular basis, then you will be able to find that any respiratory illnesses are going to be more under control.

Disadvantages: Replacement

The first disadvantage is that when you clean the air ducts, you might find that you need to replace them instead of just cleaning them. This is going to be especially true if they happen to get wet at any time. This is when mold forms in the air ducts and you are not going to want to be breathing this in.

Disadvantages: Damage

The second disadvantage is that it can increase the risk of damaging your furnace when you try to clean the ducts. This is one of the main reasons why it is so important for professionals to work on your HVAC system. This is because they are going to use a long vacuum tube to remove the dust and debris from inside of the duct. If you are not careful, it can cause holes or leaks to form.

Disadvantages: Expensive

The third disadvantage is that duct cleaning services can be very expensive. Professionals are going to have all of the equipment and knowledge that is needed to make sure that your air ducts are going to be cleaned properly. You’ll also want to make sure that the professional is going to be insured, bonded, and licensed before they work on your HVAC system. Therefore, you will need to verify all of their credentials before you let them to start working on your system.

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