Why HVAC Maintenance Is Important For Indoor Air Quality

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is a method in which we are able to manipulate the overall indoor atmosphere when there is not enough natural ventilation source (i.e. windows) available or when the outside atmosphere is not ideal for human survival (e.g. too much heat or cold).

With HVAC, air quality becomes an important aspect which
means that we are using technology to control our indoor environment. As this technology can either release toxins into the air or incubate virus and bacteria, proper maintenance is essential to avoid spread of illnesses and in some cases death.

We all know that we need to enclose the indoor environment where we need our heating and/or cooling systems to work. For this reason, a variety of health concerns come up such as carbon monoxide exposure from heating and spread of airborne diseases with air conditioning.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic tasteless and odorless gas with adverse health effects. Symptoms include: fatigue, nausea, and headaches, which can be misdiagnosed if not properly detected. On the other hand, airborne diseases easily spread from one person to the next if natural ventilation is unavailable or the ventilation system is “clogged up”.
Installing ventilation system along with your heating and/or air-cooling systems is essential for places where natural ventilation is not ideal during extreme seasons such as winter and summer. This makes sure that the heated or cooled air circulates properly in the indoor space where there are heating and/or cooling systems installed.

This is why a ventilation system is especially required for homes or businesses with centralized heating and/or air conditioning system. This way we are allowing outside air to circulate back into the indoor space and the indoor air released to the outside.

Apart from the health issues, there is also an economic aspect of poorly maintained HVAC systems. All these systems have filters and use ducts to release either heat or cool air. These filters and ducts accumulate dust and other particles and when not cleaned regularly, it results to inefficient functioning of the systems. This is very similar to how we need to have an oil change for our cars as part of our car maintenance from time to time. Oil change remove gunk accumulated in the motor. When we fail to change oil for our cars the use of the gasoline becomes inefficient as gunk stains can impede the proper flow of the gasoline for the car motor to function. The same logic applies to the poorly maintained HVAC systems. Thus, costing business and households more in heating and cooling expenses.

To avoid both health issues and extra costs of poorly maintained HVAC systems, a reliable HVAC maintenance service company is also important. That is where Cool Bear Services can help you. With their 24-hour emergency service by their experienced
professionals, they can help you maintain good indoor air quality anytime.

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