What Size Of Air Conditioner Do You Need For Your Home?

While installing an air conditioner at your home the first thing that you need to figure out is the right size of air conditioner needed for your home. The size of your air conditioner can be affected on the basis of various factors including region of the United States you live in, ceiling height, etc. Experienced HVAC professionals can also use the R-value and load calculations to find the right size of air conditioner for your home. All these factors collectively help in reducing your energy bills by installing an air conditioner of correct size.

Size of Air Conditioner
Back in the day, most people did not care much about the size of air conditioner, just as long as it kept them and their family cool during warm weather. But times have changed and due to the availability of energy efficient air conditioners in the market, people are more focused on their size. Energy efficient air conditioner may cool your home gradually instead of rapidly like traditional A/Cs. Your air conditioner should neither be too big nor too small in size because:

Too Big
If the size of your air conditioner is too big for your then it will not work like an energy efficient A/C. it will cool your home rapidly and quickly and shut off after some time. Though it will keep your home cool efficiently, but it will have to restart again due to infiltration of heat in your home even without completing the cycle it is based on. In this way, the bigger size of your air conditioner can increase the consumption of power as well as the wear and tear of the device as it will have to turn off again and again after cooling your home quickly without completing its cycle.

Too Small
If your air conditioner is too small in size then it may not be able to reach the level of cooling required by your home even after running continuously throughout the day. Though it will keep you home cool, unless it is exceptionally small, but it will have to work hard like traditional air conditioner for this purpose. It will have to cool your space slowly it is not made to cool it rapidly due to its smaller size. Its continuous running will also increase your utility bill. By going small, you will not be able to get the full benefit of energy efficiency.

Just The Right Size
If the size of the air conditioner you have installed is appropriate then it will run efficiently as per the cycles required to keep you comfortable in your home. In this way it will not lose its energy efficiency by running appropriately.

Calculating the size of A/C
The calculation of the size of your air conditioner can depend on various factors including the size of your home and location of your home. You may need a bigger AC for home with larger square foot area. Similarly you may need larger AC for arid and hot regions than the areas with normal climatic conditions.

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