What to Look for When Choosing an HVAC System for Your Home

Choosing an HVAC system for your home is a significant option. This is because it is this system that affects the total extent of comfort in the home. You need to choose the HVAC carefully. For this, you need to plan properly so that you can get the best system for your home. While choosing an HVAC system, make sure you look for these points:

Duct system should be examined
Buying the right equipment for your home involves a little technicality. It is sensible to get the duct system checked by a professional. The ducts that are already installed in your home need to be in good condition for the optimal functionality of your HVAC. If the ductwork is not good enough – poorly sealed, it’s likely to lose efficiency to the extent of 30%.

Choosing a furnace
A proper heating system is important for your home to ensure even heating. For this, you can replace the existing furnace with a new one that is energy efficient. Look for an energy efficiency rating as large as 98.5%. Such high efficiency is because of the design of air handlers.
Of the three options namely, single-state air handlers, two-stage air handlers, and variable speed air handlers, the third one is the best to ensure the best efficiency.

Choosing an air conditioner
Look for an air conditioner that can cool the home well, and keep the air quality therein in an optimal state. Efficiency rating is according to the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The higher is the SEER, the higher is the efficiency.

Look for an air conditioner that has a SEER not less than 16.
Look for an AC with a variable serial compressor. These create less noise as compared to the ones with reciprocating compressions.
Choose one with all aluminum evaporator coils thanks to their least chance of getting leaks and corrosion as against copper and steel.

Choose a heat pump
If you are planning to buy a heating and cooling system for all purposes, choose to buy a heat pump. The heat pump works in a way akin to an air conditioner. In cooling mode, the heat pump gets rid of the heat from your home. When put in reverse mode, which changes the direction of the flow of refrigerant. This enables the heat pump to make the home warm by collecting heat from the exterior of the home and bringing it in. Choose a heat pump is a sensible idea because it can reduce your power bill as much as 40%.

To conclude, choosing a good HVAC system for your home is important because your monthly energy bills depend on them. Choosing an efficient will not only reduce the energy bills but also cuts down the hassles involved therein.

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