Is The Air Quality In Your Home Harming Your Health?

Many times you find yourself coughing, sneezing, feeling feverish or suffering from any other health ailments. You might attribute these symptoms to the dust allergens meandering outside your house due to nearby road-side construction or due to the air pollution caused by the never-ending traffic. Have you ever given a thought to the fact that your health issues might crop up due to poor air quality right inside your house?

Now you might be wondering how the air quality could be bad inside your home since you clean it every day. Here is how:

  • Did you have a repair or paint your home recently? Or maybe had some furniture installed after constructing it in your house to fit your home measurements? Chances are there that there will be tons of dust allergens and harmful air particulates hovering inside your house.

  • Do you sometimes feel itchiness in your skin while you sit on your sofa, cushioned chair or sleep on your bed? Well, there are high chances that you have termites or dust mites making their house in your home sweet home.

  • You might have experienced a bout of sneezing or coughing when you enter a particular part of your house. This is due to poor air quality right inside your house.

  • Are you maintaining a small garden in your house or have a flower bed at your place? There is a high possibility of your home getting polluted by pollens which can be one of the main reasons for your incessant bronchial problems or allergy.

  • When was the last time you got your chimney cleaned or the heating filaments changed? The kitchen smoke plays a crucial role in polluting the atmosphere inside your house as your chimney might not be working properly and you never knew.

  • Do you sometimes notice that some of your rooms are comparatively warmer than the others? When you sit in some of the rooms you might feel a sense of suffocation.

Generally, people do not give much thought to the quality of the air they might be breathing inside their house. It is true that the gaseous discharge by the vehicles or construction nearby your house is causing air pollution but you might have no inkling that the air you are breathing in your home space might be more dangerous and polluted than the air outside. You might suffer from persistent health diseases like cough, cold, flu which you will brush aside as trivial issues.


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