How Does Ductwork Affect Air Conditioner Performance?

If an air conditioner is going to be most effectively used for many years, it has to be well protected. Not understanding what may hinder its use is detrimental. That starts with asking how does duct work impact an air conditioner’s overall performance?

It’s understood that when dirt and other debris build up inside of the unit’s ductwork, that the air conditioner system will be affected severely if left untreated. Usually, it’s even worse if the homeowner doesn’t even recall the ducts until there’s significant damage to both the living space and inhabitants because the duct is generally out of sight. A smooth clearing of the ducts is important so that it won’t affect the performance of the air conditioner.

Improving the performance of the air conditioning unit will result in great air quality within the living space. Without it, it can lead to sickness and over the years even permanent damage to the lungs for children or elderly that can be more susceptible to such effects if they’re exposed to bad air quality for too long. Be very aware of what damages the air conditioning unit has in regards to leaks, weak construction and poor connections from the unit to the home. That all leads to repair costs that if not treated in time, will lead to the air conditioner performing horribly and giving air quality that is not satisfactory, especially if the air flow isn’t really strong on a very humid day during a season where a functioning air conditioner is greatly appreciated.

Assure that the ductwork is actually the proper size for the unit so that there won’t be added fees for a fix to a problem that can be avoided easily. If the flow isn’t going through and working with the air conditioner, then it’ll lead to an undesirable day of incorrect temperatures within the home and potential leaks that can ruin the living spaces, flooring and can even mess with pets if there are any in the home quarters.

There can also be pest problems that can lead to an air conditioning unit or ductwork malfunctioning so getting the right kind of exterminator to deal with that is a very important responsibility that has to be carried out during the stages of installing the ductwork. Imagine returning home and finding an infiltration of pests have damaged the costly installation of ductwork and that before getting it fixed, you have to deal with it first.  The air conditioner’s performance will not improve until that is dealt with. Only after that’s been dealt with, can the ductwork be improved and that’ll lead to an air conditioner unit that will function well on days where it has to be used within the space.

Remember that duct fixtures should only be done with a reputable professional that won’t fix one thing and leave something else to cause the duct to malfunction months later so they can be called to fix that, giving them more business. Some operate that way when an effective fixture will keep a client from having to fix the duct for well over a year so there isn’t a need to fix the duct every year when it’s well placed to give an effective air conditioning performance that will put fresh air quality for those needing the air conditioner.

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