Ways To Save On Your AC Bill This Summer

According to Energy Star, one household in the US spends about $2,000 a year on electricity bills. As you try to use energy-efficient products, it’s important to also consider your AC usage to save on electricity. During the summer, temperatures rise, sometimes drastically, and the AC becomes a mandatory piece of equipment in your home. There are several ways to condition your home and use less of your AC, which, in turn, helps reduce or maintain your electricity bill on a lower scale. Here are a few tips that can help you save on your AC energy consumption.

Use Window Screens

With simple solar window screens – whether large or small – you can decrease the radiant energy, which hits your windows by up to 60 or 70 percent. This consequently reduces the energy needed to keep your house cool during summer, thus leading to lower electricity bills.

Turn the AC off at Night

During the day, the air is usually much warmer because of the sun. However, the night air is a bit cooler, meaning you do not need as much cooling energy as you did in the day. If possible, switch the AC off at night and open the window to let in the breeze. This helps you comfortably sleep with your AC off.

Use Thermostats and Timers

Your AC doesn’t need to work as hard to keep you comfortable. You only need to find a comfortable temperature that is okay for you. Secondly, you can try to use timers so that your AC is not working all the time. Every time that your AC is off, it means that you are saving on your energy. Regulating with timers is a good practice.

Make Use of Shades

While you can’t control how hot the sun heats during summer, you can regulate the indoor temperature using shades. Blinds, drapes and awnings are some of the shades you can use for your windows. They are light enough to keep off dense moisture, but they also block the sun’s heat. Try tinting the windows as well. This way, the sun’s rays will not penetrate your windows, heating your home.

Turn off Heat Emitters

Several appliances in your home emit a lot of heat in the home environment. Such appliances include ovens, TVs, lamps, and dishwashers. When an appliance emits heat, it adds up heat concentration in the house; therefore, requiring the AC to overwork to be efficient. This, in turn, shoots up electricity usage and bills. To reduce heat in your home, always ensure that you turn off all the heat emitters when you’re not using them.

Bonus Tip: Keep your AC Clean

Aside from the given tips, keeping your AC well maintained and clean will immensely help reduce your utility bill. When the AC is full of dust, molds, and other particles, it slows down and requires more energy to function. The same is true when your AC is faulty or worn out. Have it inspected as frequently as possible for options of repair and replacements.

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