Tips on Minimizing Allergies in Your Home

If anyone of your family has an allergy, bad quality indoor air worsens the situation. To help you out, here a few tips on minimizing allergies in your home.

Change the air filters
The air filter keeps allergens and contaminants at bay, a quality air filter can help you keep microorganisms like bacteria, pollen, mold, and pet dander floating in the air.

The air filter is likely to last one or two months. This depends on how intensively you use it. You must replace the filter regularly. When you get the filter replaced, you can not only preclude the harmful effects of the pollutants and enhance the working of the filtering unit. You must do your research and ensure that the quality of air filters is never compromised under any circumstances.

Cleaning the air duct system
The HVAC system has a duct system that creates a considerable amount of dust and dust together. This happens because the system filters off the dirt. The pollutants and contaminants clog the duct unless cleaning is done regularly. Cleaning the duct can help you keep your home odor free and breathe comfortably. You have to bear in mind that a badly maintained HVAC systems could be the breeding ground for various types of infections and resultant illnesses in your home. They also could be breeding ground for different types of microorganisms and these could lead to allergy-related problems that could impact your skin, lungs, eyes and other parts of the body.

Using UV based germicidal lights
Germicidal lights are potent means to get rid of pollutants within your home. They do not use any chemicals to do the job. The UV light emitted by the lights disables the DNA of the bacteria and fungi, and viruses in the home. The UV light can reduce the concentration of germs by 50% in just forty-five minutes. Though this form of germicides is expensive when compared to conventional methods, there is no doubt that they are always a better investment from the long term perspective.They are also safer when compared to conventional germicides because they do not spoil or vitiate the atmosphere and environment.

Don’t ignore those hidden corners
The area under the sink in the kitchen is notorious for nurturing mold. Watch out for cockroach websand mice droppings as well. Mice and insects can bring in allergies. If there are any leaks, holes fix them. Make sure the area is dry and clean. Some holes and cracks may be too small for the ordinary eyes to catch which means you may need to use some special methods including lenses and other devices to be sure that no such small holes or crevices go unnoticed. In many homes they could be the main breeding ground for termites. We all know that termites could cause devastation within a few days and therefore you must not take these small cracks and crevices casually.

Cut down mold
Areas that accumulate stagnant water are likely to result in the growth of mold. Clean those areas regularly such that the areas are perfectly dry and there is enough ventilation. Check tiles; if broken get them replaced. It will inhibit the growth of mold. Molds are the main reason for various types of allergies and could also be one of the main causes for spread of bad odor in different corners of the home. Molds grow and thrive in wet and dark areas and therefore you must be doubly careful when you inspect for these microorganisms in your kitchen and bathroom.

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