What You Need To Know About A Zone Cooling System For Your Home

Many people are now using zone cooling system in their homes. You might be wondering why people are replacing old cooling systems with zone cooling systems. The reason is simple, they are more advanced in that they give you the maximum level of comfort. To help you understand why you need a zone cooling system in your home, I’m going to discuss what is a zone cooling system, how it works and some of their benefits.

What is a zone cooling system?

Zoning refers to breaking your home into different zones with different temperatures. This allows you to have different temperatures in different rooms. You can have one zone warmer than the other zones. They are nothing but alternatives to cooling systems with an improvement to solve all the limitations experienced on the old cooling and heating systems.

Benefits of using zone cooling system in your home

1. Different temperatures at different zones.
Our comfort temperatures differ from one person to another. When you’re feeling cold another person might be sweating yet you’re under same temperatures. Zone cooling systems are here to curb this conflict, they allow you to have different temperatures in different rooms. With a zone installed in every bedroom, one can control temperatures to his or her desired levels without affecting other family members in other rooms.
Maybe you want your bedroom to be warmer at night (70 F) and the remaining rooms colder (65 F or below), it allows you to do this.

2. Reduced energy costs
Unlike ordinary cooling systems, a zoned cooling system has a power saver mode which allows you to switch off thermostats in the unused rooms hence saving energy. With programmable zone cooling systems, thermostats will automatically adjust room temperatures based on the normal usage patterns.

How the zone cooling system works
A zoned cooling system has four components: the control panel, duct dampers, zone thermostats and multistage furnaces.

1. The control panel is the brain of the whole system. It reads the temperature from different thermostats installed in various zones. After reading it tells the respective ducts whether to open or to close. It is installed in the furnace.

2. The duct dampers are the valves in the duct that opens to let in more air and close to let in less air to certain zones or areas in your home.

3. The zone thermostats are installed in different zones where they read the temperature of the zone. The control panel reads zone temperature from them and then tells whether to open or close the damper in that zone.

For better results, the zone cooling system should be installed by a certified
professional who will be able to explain to you zone control facts. Contact Cool Bear Services for a consultation and a quote about zone cooling systems. It is also advantageous to install zone cooling system when your home is being built for easy wiring and ductwork sizing.

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