When Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

There are several things you need to check out when your air conditioner is not cooling. Some of the reasons why your AC can stop cooling include technical problems or even other reasons which are not technical in nature. It is necessary to assess the condition of your AC unit and carry out necessary repairs. Carrying out regular repairs is necessary because it will avoid cases where your system will fail when you need it the most. Here are some reasons why your air conditioner is not cooling.

Clogged air filter
If your air conditioner air filters are clogged, then the unit will not cool well. For you to increase the cooling capacity of your unit, then you need to clean the air filters or replace them if their period for replacement is due. Air filters are very simple replacements that you can handle on your own.

Dirty coils
A lot of debris in your air conditioner coils can reduce its efficiency in cooling your room air. Clogged coils from your condenser will make the air condenser strain to cool your room air. It will lead to high power consumption but the overall effect in cooling your home will be very low. For you to increase your chances of achieving the best in cooling your home, it is necessary to try and ensure the coils are always clean.

Insufficient coolant
Your air condenser circulates the coolant through the evaporator coils so that they can cool and loss heat. If your air conditioner coolant level is too low, then the unit will not cool well. For you to enjoy cool air, you should check the level of your air conditioner coolant and top up if necessary. Cool Bear Services can take care of adding more coolant if you are not sure how to do so.

Faulty compressor
The compressor plays a great role in the cooling of your home. If the condenser is faulty, then you will not be able to enjoy cool air in your home. If the motor which compresses the coolant for it to pass through the coils is not working, then you will not enjoy cool air. You should check on the condition of the compressor so that you can take necessary actions in your repair process.

Faulty thermostat
The thermostat senses the temperature of the room and gives signals to the compressor to start cooling. If the thermostat is not working well, then you will not enjoy cool air in your home. It is necessary to check on the condition of the thermostat so that you can make necessary adjustments and start enjoying cool air.

Defective parts
There are several other parts which can be defective and the will lead to your AC not working well. For example, a defective control board, faulty capacitor, defective motor,choked capillary among other parts can make your system fail to cool well.

Other reasons include high atmospheric pressure, undersized ac and a faulty remote control.

If your AC is not cooling well, you should not be stressed; just contact us at Cool Bear Services and our experts will assess your air conditioning system and provide the best cost effective solutions for you.

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