What You Need To Know About UV Germicidal Lights For Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner can be a breeding ground for mold. If you have ever seen a dirty air conditioner it’s pretty disgusting. Once you get beyond the appearance, you realize you are breathing that thick black slimy goo. You start to think that maybe, this could be the source of your families’ allergies. It could very well be one of the contributing factors. The good news is you don’t have to live with that dirty coil or the other areas that mold is maybe growing inside your air handler/furnace. A germicidal UV-c light will kill mold and most viruses.

Poor indoor air quality has been in the news for a while in the workplace. We’re starting to realize the benefits of indoor air quality in the home. A germicidal UV light placed in the air handler or is a great place to start improving your homes indoor air quality.

Choosing a germicidal light can be a little overwhelming. There are so many to choose from. There are the fixed bulb and remote bulb systems. The fixed bulb is an all in one system. The ballast and bulb are attached to each other. This application is good if you’re installing in the duct. The remote system is more versatile. You have the ballast you can install separately from where you place the bulb. It’s attached by a cord usually 4-6 feet long. Next to the voltage, there are 24vac low voltage systems. These systems install using a field installed step down transformer. The high voltage systems are 110vac-277vac. these can be plugged into a wall socket or directly into the high voltage in your air handler. Most use a self-detecting transformer. What works for you will be a personal preference.

With single bulb systems, you should place the bulb below your coil. A dual bulb system allows you to place the UV bulb under the coil and the second germicidal UV light somewhere else in your air handler or furnace inside the air handler or inside your ductwork. This ideal, you sterilize the air entering and exiting your cooling coil. This prevents mold from growing under your coil and inside your air handler.

For individuals who rent or perhaps want to clear air in a single specific location, use the move around the mobile product, it’s completely self-contained. It works similar to the long term set up with the blend of germicidal UV light and filtration system to be regularly useful. Moving air on the germicidal UV light and through the filtration system is the main element. The lightweight air cleanser can be studied to rooms or anywhere in the home you want to clean the air completely.

How does a germicidal uv-c light work? It sterilizes the bacteria and stops it from growing and entering and circulating in your home. A germicidal uv light purifies the air circulating in your home. Using a good quality filter such as a Practical Pleat and a germicidal uv light will make a significant improvement you and your families air.
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