What Does It Mean When Your Air Conditioner Makes Noises?

What Does It Mean When Your Air Conditioner Makes Noises? - https://coolbear.com/what-does-it-mean-when-your-air-conditioner-makes-noises/

The answer is simple. It means something is not right with the system and you may need to call a technician urgently.

Air conditioners are an intricate part of a standard home system. They control humidity in the home and ensures that when air makes its way into your home, it is conditioned and comforting.

As a result, these air conditioners consume up to half of the home’s energy. And finances too if precautions and preventive measures aren’t taken promptly.

In most cases, it is easy to ignore your air conditioner’s obvious cry for help as long as it still manages to do its job. Yes, you may get away with negligence such as this for a while, but a total collapse of your air conditioning system is imminent.

So exactly how do air conditioners give warning signs or indicate need for repairs?

A breach in your air conditioning system is signaled most times by unusual noises produced while its running.

This, however, doesn’t mean your air conditioner won’t let out some level of sound while running. But you should be able to pick up strange noises when they come and call the attention of a technical expert.

When you hear noises like the ones listed below, then appropriate actions should be taken to correct them.

  1. Flapping

If you keep hearing flapping sounds like the shuffling of a deck of cards while your air conditioner is running, then it’s time to call us at Cool Bear Services.

Flapping sounds could be caused by a few things. It could mean that a small piece of debris, tree branch, dead lizard or mulch is lodged between one or more blades of the fan blower, leading to loosening of the blades and hence, the flapping sounds that you hear.

As soon as this is discovered, it is important to call one of our technicians to have a look at your air conditioning system.

  1. Loud Banging Noise

Observing the sound coming from the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is also important. Whenever there is loud banging noise coming from this compartment, then there is problem that needs fixing.

This noise could be as a result of a problem in the unit blower system. A loose or disconnected part could cause the motor to have a difficult time while running, hence the noise.

If this loosened part of the unit blower is not fixed on time, the stress it generates could result in the collapse of the motor so make sure you call us at Cool Bear Services as soon as you detect this noise.

  1. Screaming and Squealing noises

Screaming and squealing noises from your AC can be quite disturbing, so you can’t miss this one. Such screeching noise indicates a problem with your unit’s compressor. Improper lubrication causes the bearing of the compressor motor to wear out and eventually causes these unpleasant noises. The good news is that these types of problems are easy to fix, all you need to do is to contact Cool Bear Services for a thorough examination of your air conditioning system.

Just to serve a reminder, air conditioning systems do create some degree of noise while running so they aren’t noiseless. But you should be able to pick up unusual sounds and contact us at Cool Bear Services promptly when the need arises.

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