Tips To Protect Your Air Conditioner During A Hurricane

If you live in an area where hurricanes are prone to hit then it is important to protect yourself and your property. Hurricanes are very strong storms that can mess up everything it comes across. Air conditioners are one the most common devices that are affected. The winds can rotate the fan and find their way into the house. You should take caution before the storm begins. These are some of the ways you can protect your air conditioner against damage:

Make sure that your conditioner is off
During the high winds it is important to turn off your air conditioner. This is to ensure it does not get damaged easily. There many power blackouts at this time that can cause major damages to your air conditioner once the power is back. The power can come back in higher voltages than the required voltage. This can damage several ICs inside or permanently destroy the control transformer. It is important to always turn you’re A/C unit off whenever there is power instability in the line.

Cover the outside extension
Most air conditioners have the extension that is kept outside. You should ensure that you have covered the extension with a hard material. This is to ensure that the wind air or debris cannot get inside. It may bring along dust particles and small leaves that can block the fan from rotating effectively. If the winds are so severe they can break the fan or fold them especially if it is on and the winds are going opposite direction as the fan.

Remove the outside extension
If the outside extension is portable take it inside the house. This is to protect against damages that may incur. There comes a wind that is so strong and can cause major damages to your air conditioner. After a few times of exposure your air conditioner can get completely deformed. The winds may contain moisture content and once it gets inside the air conditioner it may initiate rusting. Rusting can go on until the machine completely fails.

Use hurricane straps
This is a specially designed material that protects air conditioners from hurricanes. The material is effective and strong enough to withstand strong winds. The material is made to protect devices that are left outside against the heavy winds. This ensures that the wind does not get inside devices as it may cause damages to the devices. You can wrap your air conditioner with this strap to protect it from the strong running wind. This protects your device from tiny flying objects that may block your air conditioner.

It is important to protect your air conditioner against hurricane season. This ensures that it does not get damaged at a future date after the storm. The winds at times get severe to cause major damages to the devices left outside. You should start protecting your A/C unit once the hurricane signs start to show. Ensure the portable devices are kept inside and the ones you cannot carry are well protected.

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