Signs Of Disrepair In Your AC Unit

The AC is a pretty important part of the home, especially if you live in a warm climate, where it can be essential. When you use your AC unit regularly or more than regularly, it can develop some problems and need repair. To avoid a complete breakdown, it’s a good idea to schedule a checkup the moment you realize it is not working as it should, though it may seem easy to put off. A unit that is cared for will continue to perform yearly and serve its functional and necessary purpose.

Unusual Sounds
If your AC system starts to make unusual sounds like banging or clanking noises, there’s a good chance that the components of your AC unit have become loose or other parts are dislodged completely. During operation, frequent vibrations from your AC can cause parts to loosen. Loosening of the parts of the unit might cause it to come completely out of place and reduce its functionality. Every component in your AC unit has an impact on the unit. Ensure that your component is repaired immediately to avoid accidents and malfunctioning of the unit.

Increase in Monthly Bills
If your monthly bill increases significantly, this is a good indication that your AC unit may not be running as efficiently as it could. Disrepair can cause overconsumption of electricity compared to normal functioning. If your electricity bills seem to increase without reason, then your AC unit may have an issue that needs attention.

Reduced Cycling
Cycling is when your AC unit turns on and off during operation. If your AC unit turns on and off frequently without working for long, this can imply disrepair. AC units use most of their energy turning off and on, compared to simply running. A unit in disrepair may only run properly for 15 minutes, then shut down. If your AC system starts to behave like this, then it may be time for repair to avoid growing the issue.

Thermostat Problems
Poorly repaired AC units tend to cause problems when connected to electricity. If you set your thermostat to a given degree, then you should notice temperature changes in your home. When there seems to be no incremental change, then your thermostat has a problem. It’s possible that it could be faulty wiring or a poor signal relaying to your thermostat. There could also be a problem with your compressor unit.

Decrease in Cooling Power
Your AC unit might appear and sound fine, but the air coming through it is not cool enough as expected. This could be due to damage to the air ducts, overheating components or low refrigerant. A decrease in cooling power is both the problem and the cause. When you want cool air, you lower the thermostat but when there is an issue, you’ll be wasting energy and money.

Reduced Airflow
Reduced airflow results from a clogged air filter. These should be removed and cleaned regularly to protect your AC unit from damage. However, if your air filter is working fine and there is reduced airflow, then your AC system requires repair, given that it could be trapping air.

Instead of waiting for your AC unit to have a more serious problem or putting off repairs, it is highly suggested to get any issues assessed by professionals as soon as there is a sign of disrepair. Doing so, can be the difference between wasting money on ineffective energy or having to replace the unit entirely.

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