How To Install Central Air Conditioning In Your Home

How To Install Central Air Conditioning In Your Home

Do you want to know how to install central air conditioning in your home? Are you looking for some easy tips to make the installation easy? If you are planning to install a central air conditioning, you might prefer to avoid the installation cost by doing it on your own. But it will be risky if you try to install the unit without the required skill. You might damage it. Moreover, the wrong installation will affect the performance. Therefore, you should always hire licensed professionals for the installation. However, if you just want to know and understand the installation process then here is what you need to know.

If you are buying a central conditioning for the first time, then you might not be familiar with the installation process. The process will vary a little depending on the model. You can go through the following article to know the different types of air conditioners.

Types of the air conditioners

Split system: This is one of the most popular central air conditioning systems used in the United States. It is a split type as it uses both the outdoor and indoor components. Inside, there will be the air handler that will hold the evaporator coil and blower. Outside, there will be a metal cabinet that will hold compressor and condenser coil. A professional understands this mechanism well and can do the installation effortlessly.

Heat pump: It is like the split system. This type will supply heating in the winter and cool in the summer. It will come with indoor handlers. There will be heat pump cabinet that will be installed outside.

Packaged air conditioners: These types will come with a combination of the heat pump, electric air conditioning, cooling, and heating equipment. These systems will be installed outside of your home. These are easy to install. But you will need professional help for the perfection.

Ductless mini-split air conditioners: These types can be great for cooling. These systems come with a heat pump that will be connected to the air handling units installed in one or more rooms. You can control the cooling of different rooms to have better performance while using the energy in the best manner.

Additional things to consider

In addition to the types of the central air-conditioner, you will have to consider the following factors for the installation.

Indoor air quality: There is no doubt that a central air conditioner will offer a certain level of dehumidification, but many things will depend on the climate and indoor air quality. If you are looking for the best quality air, you can consider using a whole-home humidifier with your air conditioner to create a healthy environment for your family.

Duct System: If you do not have an existing duct, you can buy a ductless air conditioner. For the duct system air conditioner, you will have to first install a duct system in your home that will demand space and you will have to spend extra for this.

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