Why You Should Get Your HVAC Inspected

How To Install Central Air Conditioning In Your Home

Good news for the owners of homes is that regularly checking your HVAC is a lot like checking your heart dearly, making it a simple process. Here are reasons why you should get your HVAC Inspected:

  1. Clean the Air Ducts Many people assume that since they were running the heat all winter, their air ducts are clean because they’ve had heat all winter. This is a myth. Just because you run your heat all winter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do a little spring-cleaning on those air ducts. One of the reasons being is that there could have been a more extended period between the two where you turned your HVAC system off because the weather was so lovely. This period of having your HVAC system off gives dust a perfect chance to accumulate in those ducts. Last but not least, cleaning the air ducts will at least give you, the homeowner a sense of security knowing that the ducts are clean for the upcoming season.

  1. Inspect the Actual AC Unit
    It doesn’t matter if you use a window unit or a central air conditioning unit, what does matter is that you actively inspect the physical unit itself. Checking the material unit can save you a lot of agony and time. Physical AC Units can possess leaks, damages, or other potentially costly problems that could cost you thousands of dollars if they go undetected. Once you inspect the actual AC unit, you can move on to the third step. But remember, check the unit before turning the switch to the ON position!
  2. Have It Professionally Inspected
    You might be thinking, “How much is might to cost me?” My answer, “Not as much as it would if you didn’t get it inspected!.” Getting your HVAC professionally inspected before the start of spring can ensure you and your family/business that your HVAC will run the entire season smoothly.

  1. Clean Area Around AC Unit
    You want your house or business to look appealing on the outside, right? If you answered yes, then you entirely must clean your AC unit, as well as the area around it. Not only does this add curb appeal to your home or business, but it could save you some time and money. Cleaning the area around the AC unit can reduce the chances of having any dirt, grass, or flowers caught in the unit. However, be careful when you clean the unit. Make sure that you are using a product that doesn’t damage the condenser coils.
  2. Replace Your Filters
    Last but not least is making sure to replace your filters. This should be done every season, not just from Winter to Spring. Why should you replace your filters? It’s simple. Replacing your filters minimizes allergens in the air as well as optimizes the air flow for maximum comfort and efficiency. Once again, we recommend that you change your filters every season, which lasts approximately three to four months.keep this information to ensure you remember to do inspection on HVAC always.

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