Types Of Air Conditioning Air Filters

Types Of Air Conditioning Air Filters

Have you ever tried to shop for a home air filter for your cooling and heating system? If you have then you must have witnessed first-hand the total number of sizes, materials, as well as types of air conditioning air filters available.

This guide will help you with what to look at and won’t base your choice on the price alone.

Whatever filter you select for your home, it’s important to clean or change it as required because a dirty filter can restrict the flow of air and possibly cause your equipment to underperform, malfunction, or be damaged.

The Basic Home Air Filter

The main reason for installing an HVAC air filter at your home is to protect heating and cooling equipment from a buildup of debris and dust that can clog the entire system. The idea is similar to a drain strainer- it filters out large objects and thus prevents problems that could occur later.

Due to this reason, various heating and air conditioning systems get installed with the conventional, cheapest available air filter: the fiberglass filter. These kinds of filters are ideal for protecting the entire system, as long as they are replaced every 30 days.

Even then, fiberglass air filters can only eliminate larger air contaminants and offer almost no indoor quality improvement, whereas the most dangerous pollutants are the small ones.

The Better Home Air Filters 

This segment of our home air filters guide is a bit more complicated due to the number of air filters which claim to fit into the “best” category. The best air filter should keep equipment clean and protect it – period! The two most popular filters comprise of:

Electrostatic filters: They use fibers which are charged electromagnetically and attract tiny indoor air particles. Many are washable and therefore reduce waste and last much longer.

1-inch pleated air filters- these filters have extended durability as compared to fiberglass air filters and can eliminate more air pollutants due to their increased surface area.

The Ideal Home Filters

Although the above air filters do eliminate more indoor pollutants as compared to fiber filters, they can leave some small, yet dangerous particles floating around your home. The ideal air filters will not only protect your equipment but also keep it clean and scrub the air to yield a healthy atmosphere for the occupants. If you are looking for the ideal home air filter, we recommend the following:

Electronic air cleaners: Although different from air filters, they function much the same way. Electronic air cleaners are installed within the existing HVAC system and can remove up to 99% of household allergens and dust.

A deep pleated air filter: They have a depth of up to 4 – 5 inches that provide an increased efficiency when getting rid of small, harmful air particles, and restricting airflow to the heater and air conditioner.

Lastly, if you are concerned about the quality of the air within your home, contact Cool Bear Services today for consultation and quote at (561) 572-3636.

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