Tips On Keeping Your Air Conditioning Bills Low

When your air conditioning system is properly maintained, it can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. Here are tips on keeping your air conditioning bills low from Cool Bear Services.

1. Regular Maintenance
Here in South Florida we usually run our AC systems year round to its maximum capacity which is why it is very important to obtain maintenance service every 6 months. A professional employee will check the critical components of the system to make sure it is working properly. In a normal service, the filter is generally cleaned, the air flow is verified, all the accessories are verified to be safe and the system works correctly.

2. Keep The Filter Clean
Although many air-conditioning units are operating in your home to ensure they operate as efficiently as possible, you must ensure that the filters are clean. If the filters are full of dirt, dust or pet hair then that unit drags every second, then your AC has to work that much harder to run.

3. Cool Down Your House To Save Energy
During the hot summer months it is always a good idea to pre-chill your house before the temperature increases. If you have a programmable timer in your air conditioning system, adjust it a few hours after going to bed at a temperature around 75 degrees. This will ensure that when you get up in the morning, the house is cool and cold, and you can adjust the temperature as much as you need it, because the day gets hot. This prevents the system from going outside of your comfort range, operating at 100% capacity, which consumes more energy.

4. Check Your Windows
If your windows are old then they usually aren’t as efficient in keeping the cold air in your home vs newer windows. By replacing old windows with new and tight double panes, your home will make all the energy more efficient and will definitely help reduce your cooling cost during the summer.

By following these guidelines and pay attention to these air conditioning tips you should have an efficient running AC system.

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