The Importance Of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

The air ducts accumulate dust and dirt plus other substances which fall from the air passing through them. Over time this dirt will start clogging the air duct causing detrimental environmental and health issues for the occupants of the home. To avoid this from happening it is crucial to clean the ducts regularly.

Here are some important reasons for cleaning your air ducts:

Respiratory infections:
If the accumulated dirt and dust particles are not removed, they tend to give the best living and breeding conditions for bacteria and viruses. The moist and warm conditions allows them to move and multiply freely in the duct and cause more harm to the home occupants than if the bacteria and viruses were within the house. This viruses and bacteria will contaminate the air coming through the duct and get inhaled resulting in respiratory infections. To avoid these infections, it is advisable to clean your duct work regularly.

Allergic reactions:
The clogged ducts tends to trap dust mites plus many other allergens like pollen passing through the air duct. If the ducts are left un-cleaned for long, the allergens will end up worsening your allergic reactions daily making your home uncomfortable.

Removal of dead rodents and birds:
Birds, insects and small rodents tend to climb into the outer part of the air ducts. If they become entangled within the debris present in the air duct and die, they will end up clogging the air coming into the home, making the home unbearable. The rodent droppings are an allergen and will end up worsening your allergic reactions. Regular cleaning will help cut the small animals living in your duct work.

Musty smell:
The bacteria, mold, dirt and other substances clogged in the air duct tend to create a musty smell in your home. This musty smell is unbearable, and no candles or air conditioner can cut it. Cleaning your air duct will eliminate this musty smell.

System or system parts failure:
Clogging of the air duct will lead to thermostats, igniter, and the motor failing faster than usual. Poor management of the system will result in system breakdown and replace parts of the system is very expensive to the home owner. These parts will wear out in the long run, but the cleaning of the air duct increases the life span of the air conditioning system.

Fire hazards:
The debris, cotton lint and paper fiber tangled in the ducts corners and also at the juncture of two duct pieces are a fire hazard. In the case of a small electric malfunction in the system, the paper fibers and debris might light up and start a fire.

Cleaning will save you a lot of money:
The debris and other dirt clogging the duct normally reduces the efficiency of the duct work. This will result in the system using more energy to pass air through the air duct; thus a high electricity bill. It is estimated that removal of only four inches of dust from the ducts helps reduce your energy consumption by approximately 21%.

Air duct cleaning is not only important for your house. Even in commercial buildings, where some employees work together, it is mandatory to have regular air duct cleaning. At Cool Bear Services, we provide quick and efficient services. Even a/c coils, vents and other areas should be inspected so that you can breathe healthily and do your part in saving the environment.

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