The Differences Between Split And Packaged Air Units

You will notice that most every business or home requires air units to ensure the most conducive and comfortable working and living environments. The challenge comes when deciding to go for split or packaged air units. What’s the difference between split and packaged air units? Here are some of the main differences that will help you in making an informed decision depending on your needs.

Both air conditioning units perform the same function of discarding excess heat away so that you can operate in a comfortable environment. The main difference is that certain parts of the central air conditioner may be housed together or separately.

In a split air unit, the evaporator is usually positioned inside the main business or home, whereas the compressor and condenser are fitted on the outside to dissipate excess heat away more efficiently.

Looking at the packaged air unit, you will realize that all the main components are fitted together in a single cabinet and usually fitted outside to dissipate excess heat, typically on the rooftop.

Packaged A/C units are usually suitable for most business as the buildings typically have a low sloped roof, where the A/C units can rest comfortably.

Split A/C Systems
Split A/C’s noisier parts are generally located on the outside, thus promoting a quieter environment for you to operate in. Components such as the air handler are located inside to effectively drive the hot air in towards the evaporator and the evaporator coils, making them last longer than the interior components.

Locating some of the A/C components in the interior makes it easier for maintenance as the owners can easily replace the filters more often as it is more easily accessible, which promotes high performance and durability. Split systems are highly energy efficient as they come with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio with the smart programmable thermostat that is adjustable and can be set to minimal power consumption.

Packaged A/C Systems
The packaged A/C system also comes with its advantages as it comes in a single unit where all the components are put together. It’s also easy to install as the parts are together. Maintenance and service come in the factory assembly, making it easier for the technician to operate in the same place. The system is constructed with high proficiency to produce less noise and is also efficient when it comes to power consumption, creating the most conducive environment for your home or office.

As you have observed, both split and packaged A/C systems feature unique construction where you can quickly determine the differences. Making a choice on which one to install depends on your specific needs.

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