Signs You Should Replace Your Air Ducts

The time will come and you will have to replace your air duct. Even with regular maintenance, your air duct will become old and require replacement. There are different types of air ducts on the market, and every person will go for the best due to effectiveness and durability. If you have an air conditioning system, it is important to note that with time you will need to replace the duct. There are signs of a broken and ineffective air duct which you must know. In this article, we will discuss
various signs that you should look for when to replace the air duct.

Poor air flow
When the air duct is old or worn out, there will be poor air flow. Regular filter replacement will not solve this problem. When you notice that the quality of indoor air is poor, this is the time you need to think about replacing your air duct so that you can continue enjoying the service of air conditioning unit. Poor indoor air quality can result in respiratory problems due to allergens like dust, pollen, and mold.

Leaky duct work
Leaky duct work will result to poor quality indoor air. When your duct is leaky, it is a sign that you need to replace it immediately. Leaky duct work can result in high utility bills. To be on the safe side, you can consider switching to a ductless system.

High utility bills
High utility bills mean that your air duct is either old, worn out, or leaking. High bills show that there is something wrong with your duct. You can choose to repair depending on the problem or replace if need be. Replacement will save you from regular repairs. You can weigh your alternative and do what is necessary.

Frequent breakdowns
When you notice that your AC frequently breaks down, there is a problem with the duct system. You need to call us Cool Bear Services and we will advise you on the best thing to do depending on the nature of the problem. Of course, most technicians will advise you to repair as they earn from regular repair and maintenance. You need to evaluate the problem and replace in such a situation.

Strange Sounds
The A/C units starts on, shuts down and run with hardly making any noise. If you find that your unit is making more than usual sound while running, shutting and starting off with a jolt or a thud, then this is an indicator that it needs to be serviced. If a service fails to rectify the problem, then that is a clear indicator that the unit needs to be replaced.

Weird Odors
The air that circulates within your house should be absolutely devoid of any odor or pollutant. In case you find a strange odor in the air that circulates indoors, you need to check the filters and in needed replace them. In case the issue persists you need to have the machine checked by a technician at Cool Bear Services and we will let you know whether the unit needs to be replaced.

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