Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repair Services

It’s important to know when to call for commercial HVAC repair. Some problems can be handled without making that call, but others require professional help. When the list of do-it-yourself troubleshooting techniques has been exhausted, and any of the following symptoms still exist, then it’s time to reach out to the HVAC repair team. Here are Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repair Services.

1) Inefficient Cooling:
When your air conditioning unit is unable to deliver or maintain cool air, it’s a pretty good sign that there is a problem that requires some expertise. It might be something relatively minor like the need to replace the thermostat. Or, it could signal a failing HVAC compressor, an inoperable fan motor or an inadequate level of refrigerant.

2) Water Leaking From The AC System:
Condensation from your air conditioning unit is normal but puddles of accumulated water are not normal. Condensation is supposed to be drained through a drip tray. When the drainage system becomes clogged, the water has nowhere to go and it overflows. While this can be a do-it-yourself fix for those who want to spend the time to take all of the necessary steps involved, it typically requires disconnecting the clogged line, and most home owners aren’t comfortable doing so. Cool Bear Services has the experience to quickly handle any blockage. Call before there is extensive water damage.

3) Strange Noises Coming From The HVAC System:
Unless your air conditioning unit is haunted, there shouldn’t be any unusual noises coming from it. If you hear strange noises coming from the system then call for professional service. What kind of sounds? Similar to a motor vehicle, a squealing sound generally indicates that the belt of the motor’s fan needs to be adjusted or replaced. A bubbling or gurgle sound signals that your unit is probably low on coolant. If you notice a hissing sound, it’s more than likely that there’s a leak somewhere in the refrigerant line.

4) High Energy Bills:
Having volatile electricity bills going up unexpectedly can be an indication that it’s a crucial time to change your air conditioning unit. More seasoned ventilation system models are essentially less productive than the flow energy star qualified AC units. Changing your cooling unit can provide you with a more efficient AC unit and spare you cash on your month to month bills.

5) Inconsistent Room Temperatures:
There are two or three reasons why the room temperatures could be extremely hot or low. It could be due to a poor HVAC unit operation, faulty pipes, or there could be inadequate insulation of the ducts. However, these kinds of problems, for the most part, requires an HVAC system replacement to function well.

6) Increased Humidity:
Your HVAC unit should be dehumidifying the air that it circulates in your household or business. If you see a big increase in the moistness levels then the issue is likely to be caused by a faulty or broken cooling unit that should be replaced immediately. These HVACs are vulnerable to rusting if there is a high measure of dampness in the zone or if the heater is bound intently to the focal AC. Rusting can likewise happen if the inside exchanger broadcasting live conditioner has an issue with its condensate container or deplete, which makes water break and trickle onto the heater exchanger.

If your business or home needs HVAC repair services then contact us at Cool Bear Services for a consultation and appointment.

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