Should You Fix Or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Are you a homeowner or the owner of a business in the greater South Florida region struggling with a faulty air conditioner? You’ve probably tried combing through the internet looking for a solution but nobody seems to have an answer for you. Don’t worry we have you covered.

This a comprehensive guide on what to do when you can’t on whether you should repair your faulty air conditioner or get a new one

1. How old is your AC Unit?

Any legitimate air conditioning company will not let you keep trying to put “band-aids” on an air conditioning system that has been in operation for more than a decade. This is mostly due to the rapidly changing nature of technology which tends to disregard older machines. Older air conditioners will also wear out faster in a state like Florida where they get punished by overuse due to the long periods of almost year round warm weather. You might be forced to purchase a newer machine if this applies to you.

2. Does your system have a valid warranty?

Most air conditioners will be bundled up with a warranty on purchase. This warranty extends to a specific period of time during which the retailer or manufacturer is liable to fix or replace your faulty machine. Please check whether your warranty card is still valid and what are the terms provided. You just might be the lucky customer who gets a new air conditioner for free.

3. Are the repair costs worth the hustle?

Repairing a faulty air conditioner might not be as cheap as you might have hoped. This specifically applies to older machines and high-end devices which tend to need expensive parts and longer labor hours to fix. In this case it might be a better alternative to purchase a new machine and forego the hefty repair costs.

4. Can you afford a new air conditioner?

A new air conditioner from a reputable brand will definitely set you back at least a few grand plus. This means that most of us would rather have the faulty unit repair rather than make such a huge purchase. In other cases some of us can afford to buy a new air conditioner without feeling the pinch. Whatever your case it is important to be realistic and honest about your finances.

5. Is newer technology worth the price tag?

Newer air conditioners will obviously be packing a whole load a of new features that your older air conditioner never had. For instance you can now synchronize your machine using a simple smartphone app on newer machines as compared to models that were produced before the smart phone craze. Make sure that you take a few minutes off your busy schedule to compare your older unit to newer models, you might be missing out on amazing features.

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