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How To Protect Your Outdoor AC Unit

Storing anything outside certainly requires care and consideration. This means more when it’s your HVAC system, which you rely on throughout the entire year. Natural elements including rain, hail, strong winds, and hurricanes can cause issues in general, but even more so with an outdoor HVAC unit. In most cases, outdoor AC units are built to withstand the harsh weather. However, homeowners should be sure to take precautions to secure their units.

Shorts are an easy to prevent your AC unit from operating. The wires from the power lines to the AC unit should be properly covered and secured. Even insulated wires should be inspected from time to time as they can wear from the sun or other temperature changes. It may also be useful to turn the unit off during a strong storm or projected outage. Surge protectors can also be a helpful advantage.

Installing the AC under shade will help it to run more efficiently by allowing the coils to not have to work as hard to generate cool air. There should be enough clearance from the walls and the roof to allow the AC to operate optimally. The air should circulate freely around the air conditioner so that it can operate at its best. This allows for heat to escape more effectively to help reduce energy bills. It should also be a location where there will be minimal interference or occasion to be struck by lawn mowers or tree debris.

The AC should always sit on dry ground. Some homes are set up in flood-prone areas and elevating the unit with a concrete pad can help to avoid water damage. It can also protect moving parts and electrical parts. Sloping the land can also be a help to encourage improved drainage.

Before any heavy storm, homeowners can take precautionary measures to cover their AC units. Using a breathable cover will allow the unit to operate while protecting it in case objects fly around during a heavy storm.

As with most things, regular care and maintenance can help to protect your HVAC unit from natural elements and costly repairs and ensure it keeps working for a long time to come. Regular checkups can also verify the integrity and health of the system and help identify and catch any issues before they become larger issues.

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