Heating Services In Delray Beach, FL

Cool Bear Services provides heater repair services including replacement, installation and maintenance throughout the South Florida area. We can service any make or model and no job is too big or small for our experienced technicians to handle.

Heating Repair

Having a heating system that runs smoothly is very important to any homeowner or business owner. The last thing you want to experience during the rare occurrence here in South Florida when the temperature drops below our comfort zone, is to turn on your heater and it is not working properly.  You can count on us whether it’s the middle of the night or the weekend to diagnose the issue and repair your heating system so that you feel comfortable in your home or business in no time.

Heater Replacement

Heating systems can only last so long. Some heating systems come to the crossroad that is beyond repair and it’s time to get it replaced. We are more than happy to provide you with all the options so that you can pick the best and most cost effective solution for your heater replacement.

Residential Heating Services

In a perfect world, most homeowners would live in a home that is worry free from anything breaking down, whether it’s the plumbing, electricity or heating system. Unfortunately in the real world we all know it’s not “if” but “when” something will eventually need to get serviced. Have no fear and leave the heavy lifting to us. Our residential heating services include repair, installation and maintenance.

Heating Installation

Whether you need your current heating system replaced or have a new home that requires the installation of a brand new heating system, Cool Bear Services is more than capable of handling your heating installation needs. Our team can sit down with you and walk you through all the options that best suits your needs.

Commercial Heating Services

At Cool Bear Services we also provide commercial heating services including retail, warehouses and offices. Servicing commercial businesses requires a specific level of expertise versus residential. The demands are much higher to heat much more square footage not to mention more complex. Whether your business needs replacement, installation or maintenance we can handle all of your commercial heating needs.

Heating Repair Company

Many expensive heating repairs could be avoided if homeowners did not neglect routine preventative maintenance. Just like your car or boat, your heating system needs to be routinely inspected and serviced to prevent small problems from turning into big issues. It is much easier and less expensive to keep up with maintenance than it is to repair or replace a neglected unit. It is an investment in your home and will last longer and perform better if it is properly maintained and serviced by an HVAC service professional. The reality is, not all homeowners or business owners follow up with this. If the time comes and your heating system isn’t working then leave it to the experts at Cool Bear Services, your heating repair company to get the job done right. 

Heating Maintenance

We also offer heating maintenance service contracts to homeowners and businesses. With this plan, the homeowner pays a fee and we come out to your home or business on the agreed schedule to inspect, clean and service your heating unit.

What You Need To Know About Home Heating System Maintenance

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are very important since they do not only help to maintain indoor temperatures within a livable range, but also improve the air quality. A home heating system for instance will keep your space warm during the chilly seasons and provide hot water on demand.

Before you install a heating system in your home, it is important to consider various things to ensure you have the best system. These include capacity, functionality and maintenance requirements among others. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to outline all your needs and then proceed to find HVAC units that can meet your specific requirements. More importantly, you should know how to maintain your system and units after installation. Here is a brief look at what you need to know about home heating system maintenance.

Although there are various inspections and maintenance activities that you can accomplish without any technical experience, it is still advised to use professional services. Most people can clean and replace air filters and dust off a few parts of the system, but this is often not enough. If you want to increase your HVAC system’s life, you will need professional heating system maintenance that includes services like:

  • Inspecting all components
  • Cleaning and vacuuming grooves
  • Cleaning duct and air channels
  • Cleaning/replacing air filters
  • Fixing any loose ends

At Cool Bear Services, we will not only maintain your heating system, but also offer inspection and maintenance for the entire HVAC units. We have extensive experience, technical knowledge and the tools required to conduct comprehensive maintenance.

Heating systems require regular maintenance like general cleaning that can be provided by the homeowner. They will also need professional inspection and maintenance from time to time. It is therefore important to have a maintenance routine for your HVAC system and arrange for comprehensive maintenance especially before and after winter.

Cool Bear In Delray Beach Florida

For years, Cool Bear Services has been an expert provider of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services throughout the greater South Florida area. If you find that it is time to have a new heating or cooling system installed in your home, or if you need someone to take over maintenance for your HVAC system, then call us today and learn more about our full range of services. We pride ourselves on offering expert services to each one of our customers – from ensuring your new heating or cooling system is installed properly to keeping it running smoothly on an annual basis for years to come. Each of our technicians is chosen based on their ability to provide the utmost in service to each of the customers they visit and they are prepared for any issue that could arise.

For a consultation and to schedule an appointment contact us today at 561-424-6437

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