Common Questions About HVAC Installation

Common Questions About HVAC Installation -

Heating and cooling systems play very important parts for your home and business in the level of comfort for everyone involved. Following are some basic questions regarding HVAC installation.

How long do HVAC Systems last after installation?
The life span of an HVAC system is basically dependent on how well it is maintained. It is important that you have a qualified expert perform a bi-yearly examination to make sure it is operating optimally. If you maintain this schedule, then your HVAC system can last somewhere in the range of 10 -15 years.

How can I save on energy costs after installation?
There are a few approaches to save money on your energy costs. Here are a few recommendations:

1) Upgrade to a high-quality HVAC system

2) Adjust the temperature when you are away for few hours

3) Use ceiling fans to move the air around

4) Have yearly maintenance performed on your HVAC system to guarantee it is performing optimally

5) Install a programmable thermometer

Does installing a bigger heating or cooling system offer better performance?
It is important that you purchase an HVAC system suitable for your homes size and geographic weather conditions. An HVAC system that is too huge will cool/warm your home quicker than a sufficient estimated one, notwithstanding it will work under “short cycles” making the system start and frequently stop, expanding your power costs exponentially. A system that is too little will run constantly; overexerting itself to achieve the targeted temperature, which will likewise adversely affect your energy bills. Over the long haul, short cycling or running constantly can shorten the lifespan of your system.

Does HVAC System need a filter after installation?
You can run the HVAC system without an air filter, but you certainly SHOULD NOT! The air filter in your HVAC system keeps it clean so that i runs efficiently while limiting the probability of a breakdown. Dirt is one of the main reasons for breakdowns with HVAC systems, so make a point to keep it clean.

How often do air filters need to be changed after installation?
Each HVAC systems are different, so it really depends on an assortment of variables. It is best to consult with the manufacturers suggestions along with the installation company, but it really depends on how efficient your HVAC system is, regardless of whether you have pets or smokers in the home, any hypersensitivity or asthma conditions inside your family, and different factors also. To play it safe, schedule reminders to change your air filter once every month.

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